US Immigrant Visa Lawyers – Bangkok, Thailand

Applying for an immigrant visa means you are telling the US government that you are intending to permanently move to the US. The goal is for you to enter the US with an immigrant visa that will allow you to become a Lawful Permanent Resident (“LPR”).

The process will vary depending on your case and background.
Generally, there are three major steps in acquiring an immigrant visa:
 Step 1. Petitioner files an immigration petition with the USCIS. This is commonly done in the US but some embassies allow the petitioner to file the petition directly with the US embassy. Upon approval of the petition, the USCIS will forward the file to the Nation Visa Center (NVC).
 Step 2. The NVC will notify petitioner and beneficiary when it received the petition. When the visa number becomes current, the NVC will notify to pay immigrant visa processing fees and will request supporting documents.
 Step 3. The consular officer will schedule an interview and notify you about the required documents for the interview. Please note that this step is very important. One must be very careful to gather all supporting documents as well as preparing yourself for the visa interview. If successful, the consular officer will give you a visa packet. You will need it to enter the US to claim for your LPR status.

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